How to prepare for a confirmation call

If you haven't needed a tow truck in a while, you're not the only one. Here’s a straightforward checklist to go through before calling to make the process smoother:

If feasible, relocate your vehicle to a safe area. Position yourself in a secure spot away from traffic and potential dangers. Locate a street address, nearby intersection, or prominent landmark (Google Maps can be handy!)

The details dispatch will request when you make the call:
- Exactly where you are
- What you need towed
- How many vehicles or items there are
- The type of hazards at that location (underground car park, tight alleyway, blind corner etc)
- Where you want to be towed to
- Any other information you think might be helpful for a tow truck to know

For instance, if your car sits very low to the ground, has veered off the roadside, or is oversized, providing such information can assist us in dispatching the most suitable truck and driver for the task.

What to expect after you call

Once you've placed the call for one of our 24-hour response vehicles, our operator will verify all the details with you and select an appropriate vehicle and driver.

The response vehicle will be dispatched promptly and tracked via GPS throughout its journey. If you require an updated estimated time of arrival (ETA), simply give us a call, and we can provide you with the precise location of the response vehicle!

Upon the response vehicle's arrival, your vehicle will be securely loaded and prepared for transport or service. Regardless of your destination in Brisbane, your vehicle will be taken there directly, continuously monitored via GPS.

In the event of an accident where you need your vehicle held, we offer a couple of holding yards from Moreton Bay to Logan or out Ipswich, conveniently accessible from anywhere in the Brisbane area.

Inner City Towing has you covered whether you need a car, motorbike or trailer moved. With our extensive fleet of response vehicles, there's hardly anything we can't handle. Book with confidence, knowing your move will be swift and secure, all without the mega company premium price tag.